Reservations are made the moment the deposit is received, along with your written request of the services needed.


All descriptions of hotels, accommodation, activities and advantages were exact at the time of printing, but changes may occur. Quality standards of hotels presented in this brochure are established according to the criteria and quality standards of the country where the hotel is located, which may vary from North American quality standards. Also, travelers should expect that norms, practices and conditions linked to the supply of services and facilities, accommodations and food may be different from those generally established in North America. In addition, bank holidays, local or religious manifestations are celebrated according to the customs of the visited countries.

  1. Hotels can decide to modify, renovate or do some construction work without prior notice, generally to increase the quality of the establishment or for better care of the property, and PREFERENCE VACATIONS can’t be held responsible for that. In the same way, PREFERENCE VACATIONS can’t be held responsible for the inconvenience caused by work undertaken by the municipal authorities in the neighbouring streets of the hotel.
  2. Various activities mentioned in this brochure are subject to the availability of the equipment and/or proper number of participants. Some activities may be cancelled or restricted by the hotel for material damage or any other reason without PREFERENCE VACATIONS prior knowledge or being held responsible.
  3. Excursions and other activities not mentioned in this brochure but proposed at destination are not included in the price of your package. PREFERENCE VACATIONS doesn’t have any control on the content or sequence of those excursions and/or activities, therefore PREFERENCE VACATIONS can’t be held responsible. All pictures appearing in this brochure are examples only and can’t be considered as a major factor of the present contract MODIFICATION OF SERVICES : If for extraordinary reasons out of our control the establishments described in this brochure would refuse to honor accommodation for their clients because of overbooking or any other reasons, PREFERENCE VACATIONS and its representatives reserve the right to accommodate the clients in other hotels, in rooms of similar or higher category. In the event that the category would be lower and in this situation only, PREFERENCE VACATIONS will reimburse the difference between the prices of the two hotels or room categories without any other compensation. Unless an error, negligence, or specific omission from PREFERENCE VACATIONS occurs, we release ourselves of any responsibility related to any problems or inconveniences arising from such a situation.


  1. PREFERENCE VACATIONS reserves the right to change the Itinerary, the schedule or to cancel any package before departure, notably in the event that the minimal number of participants is not reached. In the eventuality of a package cancellation, a full refund of the amount paid for you by your travel agent will be made to you, representing the final, definitive and complete ending of the agreement for any claim towards PREFERENCE VACATIONS. Following the cancellation of a package, we will try our very best to offer you a similar alternative according to the availability. If an agreement is reached, a new contract will bind both parties. If one of the conditions stated previously is void, it does not invalidate the rest of the contract; the other conditions remain valid and in vigor.
  2. Any unused or exempt programs or services due to weather conditions or unavoidable circumstances will not be refunded by PREFERENCE VACATIONS, no matter what local contractors pretend. No refund (total or partial) will be made for any uncompleted part of the tour, neither for unused services. RIGHTS AND RESPONSABILITIES The payments, deposits, modification and cancellation fees related to air transportation are considered and calculated separately from benefits.


Your subscription to one of our packages implies the integral agreement with and acceptance of the conditions stated and described in our brochure. The contract that ties us implies rights and responsibilities as enumerated for both parties. Your travel agent has the responsibility to provide you with all the necessary information to insure you have fully understood all the conditions of this contract.


Reservations must be accompanied by a deposit for the amounts mentioned below, which must be remitted to Preference Vacations at the time of booking. The final payment must be received in Preference Vacations’ offices within the delays mentioned below, according to the services purchased. The deposit per person (D) and the final payment (FP) expressed in number of days prior to departure, for the services offered in our brochure are:

• Packages and tours including a flight with Air Transat: D: $500 – FP: 60 days

• Packages and tours including a regularly scheduled flight: D: $1000 – FP: 60 days

• Cruises: D$500 – FP: 100 days • Tours, transfers and excursions: D: 30% of the total amount – FP: 45 days

• Villas: D: 30% of the total amount – FP: 45 days • Hotel reservations à la carte: D: one nights’ accommodation per hotel – FP: 45 days

• Car rental: D: $100 – FP: 45 days • Theatre and show tickets: D: 100% of the total amount – FP: at the time of booking • Transatlantic flights with Air Transat: D: $300 – FP: 60 days

• Transatlantic flights with regularly scheduled carriers: D: 100% of the total amount – FP: at the time of booking PREFERENCE VACATIONS reserves the right to cancel a booking without prior notice and without recourse by the client if the final payment is not received within the permitted time delay. The applicable cancellation charges will be applied.

  1. Payment by credit card: a credit card number supplied to Preference Vacations verbally or in writing by your travel agent commits the client to respect the present general conditions, authorizes us to charge the deposit-guarantee and/or the transaction of purchase of services. The client can be requested by his travel agent or Preference Vacations to supply a written confirmation of his authorization acceptance that his credit card can be charged without his signature. As soon as a credit card is supplied by his travel agent to guarantee/pay for a deposit or guarantee a transaction to purchase services, the travel agent is responsible for the payment. The travel agent will have to conserve in his files all signed authorizations by the client relative to the utilization of the client’s credit card.
  2. A client paying a trip with a third party’s credit card needs to supply a written approval of the cardholder. A copy of front and back of the credit card, signed by the cardholder, as well as a written authorization must reach PREFERENCE VACATIONS within seven (7) days after the reservation has been made. If you fail to fulfill this condition, your reservation may be cancelled and cancellation fees will apply, as stated in paragraph 3


PREFERENCE VACATIONS highly recommends the purchase of comprehensive travel insurances such as cancellation, medical fees and hospitalization, luggage, etc. We advise you to check with your travel agent for more information.


In the event of a cancellation, you may have to pay cancellation fees, deducted of all refunds according to the following schedule, calculated according to the date of the written notice received by PREFERENCE VACATIONS: For packages and tours with flights, cruises – more than 60 days before departure: total amount of the deposit per person; 60 to 31 days before departure: 50% of package per person; 30 days or less before departure: 100% of total trip cost. Car rentals: up to 8 days prior to pick up: $25 – 7 days or less: 100% non refundable. All other services: more than 45 days before departure: total amount of the deposit per person; 45 to 31 days before departure: 50% of package per person; 30 days or less before departure: 100% of total trip cost.


Any changes or modifications are subject to availability. Any modification request is considered as a cancellation and implies cancellation fees as stated above. However, PREFERENCE VACATIONS offers the guarantee that everything will be done to reduce the fees as much as possible. The rule applies before, during and after the benefit date.


All prices quoted in this brochure are valid from January 01st 2018 to March 01st 2018. Availability of prices in the brochure is limited, and at the time you purchase your tour, prices may be higher. Your travel agent will be glad to assist you for current prices. All prices in the brochure are subject to change without notice due to fuel prices, governmental taxes, major currency fluctuations, and/or unforeseen economic circumstances, etc. PREFERENCE VACATIONS reserves the right to ask for any justified increase of the prices. Please note that the services described in this brochure are exact at the time of printing on January 01st 2018. As certain services may be subject to changes, we advise you to contact your travel agent.


Reservations are subject to availability with all suppliers involved during your travel dates. SERVICES INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE: Services included in your package are those described specifically in your package description, everything else being excluded.


All personal expenses are not included, along with optional insurances and insurances related to a car rental. For some destinations, return taxes are payable locally.


Several European cities have implemented a new City Tax, which is payable directly to the hotel upon checkout. The amount and application varies from city to city, and is subject to change without prior notice. Although Preference Vacations may provide the amount payable at the time of booking, it cannot be held responsible for any changes/increases to the City Tax as it is out of our control.


You are responsible for obtaining all the required documentation demanded by the government authorities of the country visited. A valid passport is required at all times. Check with your travel agent at the time of booking. Travelers who fail to present the appropriate documentation may be denied boarding by the carrier and/or the local authorities of the visited country without the possibility to claim for a refund. PREFERENCE VACATIONS takes no responsibility regarding this. Particular conditions apply for children traveling alone or with only one parent. Please check with your travel agent.


Baggage allowance varies according to the air carrier; we advise you to check with your travel agent for this matter. The exceeding luggage (if permitted) has to be paid directly to the airline company and is the sole responsibility of the passenger.


Airplane tickets and exchange coupons are nominatives and cannot be transferred. They are only valid for dates, flights, hotels and services mentioned. Unused airplane tickets and exchange coupons for indicated dates are nonrefundable, not reusable for other flights, hotels or services.


The air transportation is made in economy class by the airline company which name or abbreviation appears on the airline ticket. We do not operate as an “airline company”. Our only responsibility is to provide you an airline ticket for the destination or your chosen package. We are not liable for the execution of the air transportation, which is under the responsibility of the airline. Please note that airline tickets have restrictions and responsibility limitations. Flight schedules are given for indicative purpose only and may be subject to changes without notice. PREFERENCE VACATIONS is not responsible or liable for loss, damage or inconvenience resulting from a change in schedule or delay. Also, within 24 hours prior to departure and return, you must verify with the airline or your travel agent if any modifications have been made to your flight schedule.


You must be at the check-in counter at least 3 hours before your departure time. If not, you may lose your reservations and your seat may be assigned to other travelers without recourse. Some airlines offer seat selection at the time of booking. Otherwise, it is on the basis of “first come, first served” with the airline crew at the airport. Travelers must possess a valid passport (in vigor for 6 months after return date), or other documents, to be verified by the passenger.


Children from 2 to 11 years old inclusively, traveling with you and sharing accommodations with two adults, may take advantage of important rebates on the package. Children aged less than 2 years old at the time of departure and not taking any seat, usually pay only 10% on regular flights. They must be signaled in your reservations. Unaccompanied children from 5 to 15 years old must have all the required documents for their being taken in charge.


Only hotels have the privilege to allocate the rooms to travelers, according to availability on the date of arrival. PREFERENCE VACATIONS can’t guarantee sea view, floor number, location, etc. You must generally leave your room at noon on the day of departure or the previous night for night flights or as indicated by the hotel.


Holder of a travel agency permit, PREFERENCE VACATIONS is neither an “airline” or a “hotel”, all those services being the responsibility of independent enterprises (hereby called “service providers”), on which PREFERENCE VACATIONS does not have any control. PREFERENCE VACATIONS only elaborates travel packages described in the present brochure including services from various service providers whose names may appear in the brochure or on transportation tickets and coupons given to you. Our obligation is mainly to take care of your reservations with those providers and to transmit the payments in time on your behalf. PREFERENCE VACATIONS doesn’t have any direct control on those service providers or their employees; we will not be held responsible either directly or indirectly, for any loss, accident, or injury which may result from any act, omission, negligence in or responsible for performing or providing these component services by the service providers, their employees or any other person not under our direct and immediate control. Any incident resulting of an eventual default of our service providers only engages the responsibility of this service provider. PREFERENCE VACATIONS takes no responsibility for any claim of any nature including material or personal damages, delays, illness, severe tiredness, resulting of:

  1. Error, negligence, omission and/or overbooking from any of the service providers or their employees or any other person not under our direct and immediate control;
  2. Illness, theft, strike, legal holidays, bank holiday, temporary closure or expedition cancellation, sanitary conditions, mechanical breakdown, work done by the municipal authorities in the neighbouring streets of the hotel, quarantine, government or police obligation, weather conditions, or any other reason beyond our control, including any modification to the itinerary resulting of such events;
  3. Omission from the passenger to have and or to get all the required travel documents;
  4. Delay or omission from the passenger to be on time to the airport or other convocation during the trip;
  5. Delay of an air, terrestrial or maritime carrier;
  6. Theft, loss or material damages occurring during transportation, travelers must ensure they keep their belongings with them at all time;
  7. Any damages resulting from a physical condition of the traveler, food poisoning, health problems, accident during the transport, etc;
  8. Bankrupt or end of activities of a provider or transporter. PREFERENCE VACATIONS doesn’t act as a risk insurer. The calculation of the cost of our packages takes into account that you agree to the exempted and limitative clauses composed in favor of PREFERENCE VACATIONS. Prices would be much higher without those clauses. It is your sole responsibility to warn your travel agent or hotel of any problem occurring during your stay so we can assist you right away and properly, within the limits of possible. In the eventuality where the problem may not be dealt with at destination, you will need to send us the details by writing within 30 days delay following your return so we can inquire with the establishments concerned and deal with your request accordingly. The present convention is legislated by the Civil Code of the Province of Quebec and the provincial laws that apply, all action that might be instituted will have to be taken in front of a tribunal of the province of Quebec. If one of the mentioned conditions of this contract is void, it will not affect or invalidate the present convention called “Conditions”. The Conditions’ text above is the final text and voids any other text appearing in previous documents or any other documents under the title “Conditions”. Holder of a permit from the province of Quebec #800439 and IATA #.